miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

UWA 3D art experience in Second Life.

The University of Western Australia has an open 3D art challenge that allows anyone with a SL account and some knowledge in 3D model construction to participate for a chance in winning some money and recognition within and out of the Second Life virtual world. This project is also supported by The University of Texas, SL Arts, and many more groups and organizations. So as an assigment for my english level 7 class I went to check out the expos. What an amazing experience!

This is the exhibition I choose to comment about. To see the whole piece in movement in front of your screen it's something really great, and the sound and visual effects create a very inmersive atmosphere.

The exhibition have lights and sounds that seemed to simulate stages of life or momments of pureness. Like for example, the section with green lights seemed like fungus growing in a lush enviroment under the rain. And in the red lights section, it seemed like the inside of a dolphin's womb, even a 'Hatch' option was given to sit there and... experience, I guess. 

All in all, it left me thinking about the self-impose restrictions of my studying field, graphic design. Why an industry base of technology and innovation wont try to work with interactive pieces like this? I just imagine the possitive effect something like this could bring to a consumer (and to the brand) if it were done right. I guess it's something people will have to experience for themeselves to fully understand the concept.

Some more images.

How great would be to learn how to do this 3D conceptual art  pieces and apply them for advertising purposes?

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  1. Hiya Arlu I love your comment and would ask you to contact Jayjay Zifanwe inworld Second Life !!
    Please do!!
    Greetz Lea Supermarine
    (One of the builders of the art you wrote about)

  2. http://uwainsl.blogspot.com/2011/12/venezuelas-universidad-rafel-belloso.html